It took a bit of innovation and a touch of madness for 2 Seattle natives, co-founders of ROJO’S FAMOUS, to come up with a revolutionary breakfast product as unique as it is delicious.

ROJO’S FAMOUS launched in 2017 by two long time friends and associates RJ Selfridge (RO) and John Marbett (JO).  The two had developed a proprietary pancake cooking process realizing that there was no innovation in the hand held freezer. 

In addition to the innovative pancake, ROJO’S made the decision from the beginning to fill it with only real, wholesome ingredients, without fillers or anything artificial.  The partners wanted a product that tasted great, but they also wanted to feel good about serving it to their children (and grandchildren!)

Developing a pancake mix that was simultaneously delicious, fat free, pliable, freezable and reheat-able took almost a year.  These efforts were ultimately validated when a Kroger executive called from a competitor’s store, saying “I’m looking at boxes of ROJO’S – why aren’t they in my stores?”