ROJO’S FAMOUS is committed to using the finest ingredients in the marketplace.

Our mission is to make nutritious products using only wholesale, natural, real ingredients. You will never find additives, fillers, or artificial ingredients. Rojo’s Famous Pancake Sandwiches are proof that you can have a fun, delicious product without fillers or anything processed or artificial.

We make all Rojo’s Famous Pancakes using a proprietary cooking process that doesn’t require oil.  Our pancakes are subtly sweet and tender and remarkably low in calories and fat – the perfect “package” to hold all of our wholesome ingredients. 

Rojo’s Famous uses only 100% natural sausage, without fillers, preservatives, added nitrates, nitrites, or propyl gallate. Our cheese is always a full slice of real Wisconsin cheddar cheese. We use whole eggs without additives or modified food starch.